Fully managed production forest investments.

Working in the forestry sector to optimise returns through carefully planned forest establishment, silviculture, harvest and log export.

Primary Partners has managed the establishment and ongoing operations of 16 properties covering 5,200 hectares of production forest on behalf of investors since 2018.

Coupled with carbon revenues, production forestry now provides all the attributes of a secure endowment asset with the addition of regular cash flows.

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16 properties under management through New Zealand North Island

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  • Capital raising

    Facilitating debt and equity funding for investment in land and assets in the primary industries.

  • Financial modelling

    Financial assessments and plans best suited to the asset, productive environment and investor requirements.

  • Governance

    Guiding management to achieve optimum performance.

  • Land acquisition

    Identifying, conducting due diligence and transacting scale land and asset purchases.

  • Land management

    Applying deep knowledge, experience and capability built up over many generations.

  • Strategic planning

    Enabling productivity gains and land transformation through robust, agreed plans.